Kurnool Tourism

Kurnool, an authoritative unit under the condition of Andhra Pradesh is additionally the biggest city in the region and the seventh most crowded city in the state. Kurnool had served as the capital city of the condition of previous Andhra Pradesh from the year 1953 to 1956. The city of Kurnool is situated on the southern banks of the waterway Handri and stream Tungabhandra. Kurnool locale is the biggest area of Seemandhra. It is situated at a separation of around 250 km from Hyderabad the capital city. Kurnool has been named as the door to Rayalaseema in light of the fact that to reach Kadapa Chittor or Anantapur one needs to go through Kurnool while going from Hyderabad. The spot can bring a positive sentiment among the voyagers with its residential area charms and the friendly environment. With a rich history of society and convention, the spot makes an incredible traveler destination.

A city of old engineering and sanctuaries - Tourist Places in and around Kurnool

For explorers who are occupied with old engineering and recorded landmarks, Kurnool offers a scope of such destinations. The remnants of the stronghold worked by the Vijaynagar Kings in the medieval ages have Arabic and Persian engravings from the antiquated times. This post is an absolute necessity visit. The Konda Reddy Buruju and the tomb of Abdul Wahab are intriguing locales to be gone by. The mid year royal residence of the Kurnool rulers, the surge assurance divider, some critical sanctuaries like the Peta Anjanyeswami sanctuary, Nagareswarswami sanctuary, the sanctuary of Venugopalaswami and the Shirdi Sai Baba Temple are additionally justified regardless of a visit. Kurnool likewise sorts out the well known auto celebration amid the months of November and December. The celebration is praised for eight days. It is commended in commitment to Sri Ajaneyaswami.

A Historical Account

Kurnool gets its name from the word Kandanvolu which is the Telugu name of the spot as given in the antiquated writing and engravings. The historical backdrop of Kurnool is a great many years old. The stone painting found in the area of Ketavaram around 18 km from Kurnool, go back to the Paleolithic time. The stone craftsmanship found in Jurreru Valley, Katavani Kunta and Yaganti goes back to around 35,000 to 40,000 years. Xuanzang, a Chinese voyager in his records composed that he had crossed Kurnool amid his trip to Karachi amid the medieval period. The Kurnool district was under the principle of the Sultanate of Bijapur amid the seventh century. The Kurnool locale was before ruled by the King Sri Krishnadevaraya. The district was vanquished the Mughal Emperor Aurungzeb in 1687 and later on he let the Nawabs control the Andhra locale of Kurnool. Later, the Nawabs proclaimed freedom and ruled the district of Kurnool as an autonomous locale for more than 200 years. In the eighteenth century, the Nawabs battled against the British.

The most effective method to achieve Kurnool 

Venturing out to Kurnool is a simple and agreeable voyage. The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport of Hyderabad is the closest airplane terminal of Kurnool. The airplane terminal takes around three and half hours of driving time from Kurnool city. There are four railroad stations in Kurnool - at Kurnool town, Adoni, Nandyala and Dhone Junction, which interface Kurnool to all significant urban areas of India. Transport administrations are likewise accessible from urban communities of Seemandhra and Telengana, and in addition Bangalore and Chennai.

Kurnool Weather 

The summers of Kurnool are to a great degree hot and offensive. Kurnool additionally gets genuinely overwhelming precipitation falls; thus the best time to visit Kurnool is post the Monsoon months and amid the winters from the months of October to March. Amid this time, the temperature is moderate, and the climate is cool and charming and makes visitor exercises a decent ordeal.

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