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Yaganti is well known for the Sri Yaganti Uma Maheswara Swamy Temple, Dedicatd to Lord Shiva and one of only a handful couple of sanctuaries disparaged by one of the considerable traditions of India. Well known spot in Yaganti are Agastya Cave,Veera Brahmam Cave and the most fascinating Growing Nandi, Yaganti Nandi Statue is accepted to develop in size
At a division of 55 km from Nandyal, 80 km from Kurnool, 308 km from Hyderabad, 359 km from Vijayawada and 11 km from Banaganapalle, Yaganti in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh is outstanding Sri Yagantiswamy Temple (moreover called Uma Maheshwara Temple) committed to Lord Shiva.

Yaganti is a champion amongst the most prestigious Shiva Temple is Andhra Pradesh state. The haven does a reversal to fifth and 6th several years with responsibilities from Pallavas, Cholas, Chalukyas and Vijayanagara rulers. The haven got significant duty from Vijayanagara Kings Harihara and Bukka Rayalu, who finished the improvement of a couple structures in and around the asylum.

The Uma Maheshwara Temple at Yaganti houses the symbol of Shiva and Parvathi (Ardhanareeswara) cut out of a single stone. This is likely the fundamental spot where Lord Shiva is revered in a symbol structure instead of Shiva Linga. It is assumed that Sage Agastya performed amends for Lord Shiva at this spot and requested Shiva to appear in Ardhanareeswara structure which is adored here. Another uncommon part of the haven is Nandi statue which has been creating in the size.

Yaganti is arranged in Yerramala inclines that offer gigantic typical magnificence and exceptional setting to the domain. There are a couple of normal crumples the inclines around the asylum which were home for a couple of sacred individuals all through the ages, including that of Great Telugu blessed individual and heavenly prophet Potuluri Veera Brahmam Garu. 

A surprising part of this haven is its Pushkarini with greatly faultless water. No one knows how the water streams into Pushkarini in each one of the seasons. Partners consider that as a shower in the hallowed Pushkarini before going to Shiva is exceptionally productive.

As per legend, crows don't fly in Yaganti. Exactly when Sage Agastya was ruminating here, Kakasura, master of crows aggravated him from his consideration along these lines, he upbraided the crows not to enter the premises. Thus, Shani moreover can't enter this spot as crow is the vehicle of Shani.

Private settlement is in like manner open for the people who need to stay here. There are a couple shops open that offer water and snacks, yet there are no diners available here. Shivarathri is lauded and a sweeping number of beaus from wherever all through the state. Free lunch and dinner are given by the haven in a significant devouring hall and the food quality is awesome.

Hyderabad Airport is the nearest air terminal, 290 km from Yaganti. Nandyal Railway Station, 55 km away is the nearest railroad station which is connected with critical urban groups like Howrah, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Goa, Machilipatnam, Vijayawada, Hubli, Puri, Vizag and Bhubaneswar. Transports are available to Yaganti from Banaganapalli twice consistently at 7 AM and 3:30 PM. Banaganapalli has a couple transports from Cuddapah, Hyderabad, Nandyal and Kurnool.

The best time to visit Yaganti is from October to March while the Peak Season is from February to March. Regularly it takes half day to visit Yaganti.

Haven Timings: 6 AM - 1 PM and 3 PM - 8 PM

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