11 Best Places to Visit in Andhra Pradesh

From the pristine shorelines of Vishakhapatnam to the green paddy fields of Nellore region and from the Pulasa Fish of Rajahmundry to the profound focus like Puttaparthi, everything in the condition of Andhra Pradesh is unmistakable and appealing. As a traveler, one might need to investigate places with rich history; high profound definition; abundant common qualities and surprising society and trust us Andhra Pradesh offer only that! The place that is known for Nizams, Pearls Kalamkari, Kondapalli Toys, Scrumptious Food and Amiable People, Andhra Pradesh is positively a goal that should be investigated on India visit. Here are a portion of the best places to visit in Andhra Pradesh for you.

Vishakhapatnam Beach, Photo: Shikha Verma

Presumably a standout amongst the most excellent beach front urban areas in Andhra Pradesh, Vishakhapatnam is a place that each nature darling ought to visit. Affectionately called Vizag, this city is a shoreline goal in Andhra, as well as a land with striking scene. Lakes, shorelines, hollows, valleys and slope extends all make Vishakhapatnam an absolute necessity visit put in Andhra Pradesh. Aside from characteristic brilliant qualities, Vizag is improved with compositional glories, the profound focuses or sanctuaries are the best example of the design in the city.

Significant Tourist Attractions:

R K BeachVUDA ParkVisakha MuseumSubmarine MuseumBheemunipatnam BeachAraku ValleyKailasa GiriBorra CavesIndira Gandhi Zoological Parkimhachalam TempleTemple of Arasavalli Sun GodBuddhist Shrines

The most effective method to Reach: Vishakhapatnam has great transport offices. The city is very much associated via air, rail and street. In this way, one can choose which mode to utilize as needs be.

Best Time to Visit: October to March

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Tirumala Venkateswara Swamy Temple

Pushpa Yagam at Sri Venkateswara Swamy Pushpayagam Tirumala, Photo: Flickr

Celebrated around the world for its sanctuary, Tirupati is the well known otherworldly center point in Andhra Pradesh. Tirupati is in the Chitoor distrct of Aandhra Pradesh and it houses the well known Hindu sanctuary of Sri Venkateswara that is frequented by a large number of fans every year. Aside from sanctuaries, Tirupati is known for red wooden toys and it is additionally a noteworthy instructive focus in the state.

Significant Tourist Attractions:

Goddess Alamelumanga TempleTirumala Venkateswara Swamy TempleKanipakam, Srikalahasti TempleChandragiri FortHorsley HillsSilathoranamTTDC Garden

The most effective method to Reach: At a separation of 15kms from the principle city, Tirupati airplane terminal is arranged in the Renigunta area. Flights to Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore work from here. Tirupati likewise has great rail availability. From Tirupati Railway Station trains to Bangalore, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Madurai and Mumbai are accessible. Street transport is likewise all around kept up in Tirupati, transports from all significant urban communities of South India are accessible.

Best Time to Visit: September to March

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Vijayawada Prakasam Barrage

Prakasam Barrage, Photo:

Situated on the bank of Krishna River, Vijayawada is known for its delectable mangoes, delicious desserts and wonderful spring season. The city is additionally really popular for having the biggest railroad intersection in South India. Once a vital town amid the Vijayanagra Kingdom, Vijayawada is loaded with legacy structures and characteristic wonderful qualities like surrenders and slopes and is one of the must-see puts in Andhra Pradesh.

Real Tourist Attractions:

Kondapalli FortMogalarajapuram CavesKanaka Durga TempleBhavani IslandPrakasam BarrageUndavalli CavesKuchipudiMary's ChurchRajiv Gandhi ParkGandhi HillMogalarajapuram CavesHazratbal MosqueMangalagiriManginapudi Beach

Step by step instructions to Reach: Vijayawada airplane terminal is arranged 20kms from the city of Gannavarman. Standard flights to Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam work from Vijayawada. Rail transport is additionally simple as Vijayawada is a noteworthy railhead in Andhra Pradesh. Street transport is all around kept up; there are numerous state and interstate transports accessible on standard interims from Vijayawada.

Best Time to Visit: Throughout the Year

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Nellore-Pulicat Lake

Pulicat Lake, Photo:

Nellore brags of an unbelievable profound and religious legacy in Andhra Pradesh. Having essentialness as a notable focus, Nellore is likely one of the spots that may interest each history buff. At Nellore the confirmations accessible with respect to its commitment to expressions and writing since ancient times highlight its rich social past. Likewise, the city is known for the creation of minerals, for example, mica and lime and agribusiness generation of rice. The city is likewise appreciated for aquaculture and flavorful desserts like Malai Kajaa and the Bobbatlu.

Real Tourist Attractions:

Krishna MandirPenchalakonaRangatha TemplePulicat LakeJonnawadaUdayagiri FortVenkatagiri FortNellapattu Bird SanctuarySri Ranganathaswamy TempleMypad BeachBarah Shaheed DargahNarasimhaswamy TemplePatu ruRamalingeswara TempleRanganayaka TempleSomasila

Instructions to Reach: The most ideal approach to achieve Nellore is board a prepare, as the Railway Station of Nellore is very much associated with real urban areas of India. Street transport is additionally not too bad, as there are a few transports that handle amongst Nellore and significant urban communities of Andhra Pradesh.

Best Time to Reach: October to March

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Chittoor-Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills, Photo: Flickr

A standout amongst the most lovely areas, Chittoor is a mainstream place to visit in Andhra Pradesh. Rich in widely varied vegetation and having bounteous noteworthy noteworthiness, Chittoor surely is an epic land in the state. It is to be said that Chittoor has a portion of the wealthiest sanctuaries on the planet and this locale has an impeccable mix of different components to fulfill individuals of profound, religious and creative attitude.

Real Tourist Attractions:

Horsley HillsKaundinya Wildlife SanctuaryKalavaguntaGurramkonda FortNagari HillsSri Venkateswara TempleMogiliRamagiri

Step by step instructions to Reach: The most ideal approach to achieve Chittoor would be via prepare. There are railroad stations at Chittoor (CTO), Piler (PIL), Gudupalli (GDP), Kotala (KEN), Yerpedu (YPD) that have trains associating Chittoor to significant urban communities of the nation.

Best Time to Visit: November to April

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Sanctuary at Tadipatri, Anatapur

Sanctuary at Tadipatri, Anantapur, Photo: bit.ly/1NJqnVC

The westernmost area of Andhra Pradesh, Anantapur is a center of culture and history. Anantapura is renowned as it is the origin of Sri Satya Sai Baba. This excellent area has a few sanctuaries and separated from it, the whole region is known for silk exchange. Anantapur was likewise a huge part of the Vijayanagar Kingdom, in this manner alongside being a religious center point, the area is additionally a model case of design.

Real Tourist Attractions:

PuttaparthiHindupurGuntakalDharmavaramKadiriGootyTadipatriHemavathiPenukondaLepakshiTadipatriPenna AhobilamThimmamma Marrimanu (Banayan Tree)Yogi Vemana SamadhiGugudu, Yadiki Caves

Instructions to Reach: The most ideal approach to achieve Anantapur is via prepare. There are railroad stations like Anantapur (ATP), Virapur (VP), Somalapuram (SLM), Basampalle (BSPL), Narayanapuram (NRYP), Taticherla (TAC) from where trains are accessible for real urban areas in India.

Best Time to Visit: September to March

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Kurnool-Belum Caves

Belum Caves, Kurnool, Photo: Sylvester D'souza

Arranged on the southern bank of River Handri and Tungabhadra, Kurnool is figured to be one of the doors to Hindu Pilgrimage Sri Sailam. Kurnool is a fabulous place for history buffs as the place is loaded with recorded landmarks that offer the look at fine old engineering. It is trusted that Kurnool is a 2000 years of age city, along these lines one has the chance to stroll down the notable paths and take in more about the rich past of this goal.

Real Tourist Attractions:

SrisailamSrisailam Tiger ReserveMantralayanMahanadiBelum CavesRollapdu SanctuaryAhobilamYagantiAlampurGadwalKonda Reddy BurujuKalva-BuggaJagannatha HillKonda Reddy Fort

Instructions to Reach: Train is the most ideal approach to achieve Kurnool as the Kurnool Railway Station is very much associated with a few noteworthy urban communities of India. Kurnool additionally have a decent street transport framework, there are a few state and between state transports that utilize back and forth frequently.

Best Time to Visit: October to March

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See from Gandikota Fort

See from Gandikota Fort, Photo: Saurabh Chatterjee

Packed with brilliant engineering wonders, Kadapa is one of the best places to see in Andhra Pradesh. Limited on the three sides by the Nallamala and Palakonda slopes, Kadapa is otherwise called "Passage" city to Tirumala. Kadapa was governed by various kingdoms throughout the years and therefore it has left this place with a rich social impact. It is trusted that one of the seven Kandas of the Ramayana, Kishkindakanda may have happened in Vontimitta,which is arranged at a separation of only 20 Kms from the Kadapa.

Significant Attractions:

Bhagwan Mahavir MuseumGandikota FortSri Venkataswara SanctuaryPushpagiriAmeen Peer DargahBrahmamgari Matam TempleMasjid-e-AzamSidhout Fort

Step by step instructions to Reach: Kadapa Railway Station has trains that associate it a portion of the significant urban areas in India. There are customary trains to Chennai, Bangalore, Mangalore, Coimbatore and Hyderabad.

Best Time to Visit: December to March

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Gudimallam Temple

Gudimallam primary Temple, Photo: Flickr

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