Top 10 Places To Visit In Maharashtra

The Land of the Marathas, Maharashtra is the second most populated and the third biggest state in India. The state is circumscribed by the Arabian Sea and the essential dialect talked here is Marathi. Being in the western area of India, Maharashtra has been honored with a plenteous supply of normal assets and the importance of the locale has been specified in the old writings. The condition of Maharashtra has an exceptional area of being arranged between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. This makes the express a biodiverse area rich in vegetation. The Krishna, Godavari, Bhima and so forth are the streams that gone through Maharashtra. The state is likewise the wealthiest state in India and contributes 13.3% of the nation's GDP and 15% of the nation's Industrial yield. It is in this way a noteworthy state in India which has huge amounts of spots and attractions a traveler must investigate.

1. Mumbai 


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Once in the past known as 'Bombay', Mumbai is the biggest city and the capital of Maharashtra. It is additionally the most populated city in India and the fifth most crowded city on the planet. The city that we see today is an accumulation of 7 islands which were joined into a solitary metropolitan through land recovery procedures in the eighteenth century under the manage of the British East India Company. The city is regularly nicknamed the Manhattan of India and is home to the renowned Indian film industry or 'Bollywood'. You may require over a week to investigate every one of the attractions in this city alone, with an enormous number of authentic landmarks, shorelines and so on.

2. Aurangabad 

Smaller than normal Taj Aurangabad

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Aurangabad is named after the Mughal sovereign Aurangzeb and is a standout amongst the most noticeable vacationer puts in Maharashtra. The city is acclaimed for its chronicled landmarks and the old hollows of Ajanta and Ellora which are a national legacy site. The way of life of this town is intensely affected by the Mughal and the Muslim culture of Hyderabad and Marathi and Urdu are the primary dialects talked here. The city has different lakes and the exceptional cooking styles in this locale of Maharashtra are mouth watering.



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The city of Kolhapur is situated on the banks of the Panchganga River and one of the Princely conditions of the Marathas. The city is thought to be the heart of the Maratha Empire and is acclaimed for its different verifiable landmarks and social legacy of the Marathi individuals. The atmosphere is charming lasting through the year with substantial rainfalls amid the storms. The best time to visit the city is amid any of the real Hindu celebrations like Holi, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Vijaya Dashami and Navaratri. The uncommon 'Kolhapur shoes' and the Kolhapur foods merit experimenting with.

4. Mahabaleshwar 


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Mahabaleshwar is a slope station in Maharashtra and is situated at the Western Ghats. The normal height of the place is roughly 1,353 meters above ocean level and is the wellspring of the Krishna River. The water begins from a gush which is formed like the mouth of a bovine and is arranged at an antiquated sanctuary of Lord Shiva. The city is a well-known summer withdraw for the general population in Mumbai and is popular for its lakes and trekking hotspots.

5. Solapur 


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Solapur is situated on the Karnataka state outskirt and the primary dialects talked here are Marathi and Kannada. The city is situated at the Deccan level and appreciates a direct and dry atmosphere the vast majority of the year. The old sanctuaries and lakes are likewise an extraordinary place to visit in Solapur. The Siddeshwar Temple is an antiquated sanctuary worked in the sixteenth century and is gone by a normal of 35 lakh travelers in a year.

6. Matheran 


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Another extraordinary slope station situated at the Western Ghats in the condition of Maharashtra, Matheran is situated at a rise of around 800 meters above ocean level. The city is well known for its cool and less damp atmosphere and is a mainstream summer withdraw for the number of inhabitants in Maharashtra. The British impact on the design is really clear and is very much safeguarded by the authorities. The prepare ride to Matheran is of unique say as it is a moderate ride that will give you plentiful time to encounter the inebriating environment.

7. Alibag 


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Alibag was produced under the Naval Chief of the Maratha Ruler Shivaji. It is a waterfront town and is well known for its white sandy shorelines which are regularly uninhabited and cleaner than Mumbai shorelines. The attractions can be shrouded in a day or two and there are a lot of shoddy and accommodating cabin offices. The different sanctuaries are likewise worth going to as they show a splendid Hindu Maratha engineering.

8. Khandala 


Picture credit – Sarath Kuchi, CC BY-SA 2.0

Situated on the Western Ghats, Khandala is situated between the Deccan Plateau and the Konkan locale of Maharashtra. The city is effortlessly available and is a mainstream climbing getaway close Mumbai. The different trekking areas and perspectives permit some grand perspectives of the whole valley and the Western Ghats. The old shake cut hollows of Karla and Bhaja are additionally an unquestionable requirement visit alongside the Bhushi Lake. The stone arrangements and bluffs in Khandala have been acclaimed since ages and it is a famous end of the week withdraw for the general population of Mumbai and Maharashtra.

9. Nashik 


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Nashik is situated in the North-Western area of Maharashtra and is situated on the banks of the waterway the Godavari which additionally begins here. The place is said a few times in Hindu Mythology and has been acclaimed for being one of the urban areas that host the Kumbha Mela of India once at regular intervals. The town has countless attractions including exhibition halls, gardens and a colossal cluster of antiquated Temples which are consecrated and have been respected very essential in the Hindu mythology. The city brags of its valid Marathi cooking styles which must be attempted.

10. Ratnagiri 


Picture credit – Kristina D.C. Hoeppner, CC BY-SA 2.0

Ratnagiri is an ocean port situated close to the Arabian Sea in the State of Maharashtra. The town has been said unmistakably in the Hindu mythology and is renowned for its Temples. The place contains a few distinctive stunning normal wonders like the Rajapur Ganga which is a gathering of 14 pools of water which show up once in at regular intervals. The old castles and fortifications are additionally extraordinary spots to investigate on your trek here.

Maharashtra contains a rich social legacy and verifiable significance. It is additionally one of the prime states in India and a center point to different social and present day expressions. Pune, Nagpur, Lonavala, Panchgani, Shirdi, Igatpuri, Karjat, Devgiri, and Lavasa are likewise prominent traveler goals in Maharashtra. The cordial individuals and the massive number of spots to visit it is basically a traveler capital of India.

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