Top 10 Places To Visit In Orissa

Orissa, now known as Odisha, is an old land with a rich history. Landmarks that reflect stunning design contend with the boundless magnificence of the land to pull in vacationers from all parts of the world. The old sanctuaries are more than a relationship with religious convictions; their building wonder mirrors the abilities controlled by the artisans of the land in the former time. Here are the main 10 attractions in Orissa.

1. Bhubaneswar 

Lingraj Temple

Lingraj Temple

Picture credit – BOMBMAN, CC BY 2.0

Sanctuary city of India – This is the manner by which Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa is broadly called. The land, which is more than 2500 years of age, is a mix of antiquated landmarks and present day developments. It is trusted that Bhubaneswar had more than 2000 sanctuaries before. Here are the top spots to visit in Bhubaneswar.

Parasurameswara Temple 

Mukteswar Temple 

Lingaraja Temple 

Odisha State Museum 

Historical center of Tribal Arts and Artifacts 

Nandankanan Zoological Park 

Ekamra Kanan 

Udayagiri Caves 

Dhauli Hill 

Satkosia Tiger Reserve 

Brahmeshwara Temple 

Bindu Sarovara 

Territorial Museum of Natural History 

Biju Patnaik Park 

Kalinga Stadium 

Pathani Samanta Planetarium 

Ratnagiri Buddhist Excavation 

2. Cuttack 


Picture credit – vivek jena, CC BY 2.0

Previous capital of Orissa and now its business capital, Cuttack, is likewise one of the antiquated urban communities of the state. Antiquated landmarks separated, Cuttack has an extensive variety of vacation spots as it is home to pleasant goals and pioneer focuses. It is celebrated for painstaking work as well. Here are the main attractions in Cuttack.

Barabati Fort 

Stone Revetment of Cuttack 

Mahanadi Barrage 

Netaji Birth Place Museum 

Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary 

Singanatha Temple 

Dhabaleswar Island 


Bhattarika Temple 

Gurudwara Daatan Sahib 

Odisha Maritime Museum 

Ansupa Lake 

3. Sambalpur 


Picture credit – Subhankar "Kenny" Sahu, CC BY 2.0

Sambalpur, the land rich in culture and characteristic magnificence, is a standout amongst the most vital traveler goals in Orissa. Passage to western Orissa, the land has a portion of the best endowments of nature on account of the rich backwoods and beautiful waterfalls. Given underneath are the top visitor spots to visit in Sambalpur.

Hirakud Dam 

Ushakothi Wildlife Sanctuary 

Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary 

Dairy cattle Island 

Badarama Wildlife Sanctuary 

Khalasuni Wildlife Sanctuary 





Ringers Galore 



Samaleswari Temple 

4. Puri 


Jaganath Temple

Picture credit – BOMBMAN, CC BY 2.0

For those with a specific religious confidence, Puri may infer the acclaimed Jagannath Temple and the Sun Temple. For nature partners, the delightful shorelines in the land may hold fascination. The lively land is celebrated for some celebrations being a sanctuary rich place and it appreciates substantial impressions from all parts of the world. Here are the top attractions in Puri.

Jagannath Temple 

Puri Beach 

Swargadwar Beach 

Chilika Lake 

Chilika Wildlife Sanctuary 

Daya River 

Gundicha Ghar Temple 


Atharnala Bridge 


5. Rourkela 


Picture credit – S adasiv Swain, CC BY 2.0

Rourkela, the second biggest city in Orissa, is instantly reviewed at the specify of steel plants. Home to biggest steel plants in India, the place gives you an understanding into its rich social past through some of its magnificent visitor goals. Here are the top spots to visit in Rourkela.

Vedavyas Temple 

Green Park 

Vaishno Devi Temple 

Badaghagra Falls 

Khandadhar Falls 



Nehru Traffic Park 


Mandira Dam 

Pitamahal Dam 

Barehipani Falls 

Joranda Falls 

6. Konark 


Flying creature Park

Picture credit – shankar s., CC BY 2.0

It is normal that your mind races to Sun Temple when you consider Konark. The thirteenth century sanctuary stands tall in the psyches of travelers notwithstanding the way that it is presently in remnants. Konark has a couple of other old sanctuaries on its property for both history beaus and religious personalities. Here are the top attractions in Konark.

Sun Temple 

Archeological Site Museum 

Ramachandi Temple 

Ramchandi Beach 



Chandrabhaga Beach 

7. Barbil 

Situated on Karo River banks and in the midst of rich green slopes, Barbil has tremendous perspectives to offer. It claims the credit of having the world's fifth biggest iron and manganese stores. Keonjhar area, in which Barbil is arranged, has a 38000 million year old shake, which is one of the most seasoned on the planet. Given underneath are the top attractions in Barbil.

Uliburu Reserved Forest 

Thakurani Hills 

Hawa Mahal 

Murga Mahadev Waterfalls 



Hanuman Mandir 

Shiva Mandir 





8. Jeypore 


Picture credit – Phani3159, CC BY-SA 3.0

Jeypore is only the place to be on the off chance that you might want to appreciate a portion of the best works of nature. This excellent land is pleasantly set in the midst of slopes. With grand waterfalls and stunning characteristic parks, you are certain to love Jeypore, which has a rich history as well. Here are the main goals in Jeypore.

Gupteshwar Caves 



Duduma Falls 



Kolab Falls 

Kolab Botanical Garden 

Jagannath Sagar 


Minna Jhola 

9. Bargarh 


Picture credit – Manas.pradh, CC BY-SA 3.0

Situated on the western fringe of the express, the place was prior a piece of Sambalpur. In spite of the fact that restricted in number, the vacation spots pick up esteem by the significance joined to it. Gandhamardan, one of the goals here is connected with the time of Ramayana and it discovers say in the notes of Hieun Tsang, the celebrated Chinese voyager. Beautiful, antiquated Bargarh makes your visit significant. Here are some vacationer goals to visit in Bargarh.

Kedarnath Temple 

Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary 


Nrusinghnath Temple 

Nrusimhanath Waterfalls 

Chaldhar Waterfall 


Papanga Hill 

10. Paradeep 

Picture credit – Arupparia, CC BY-SA 4.0

Area of Paradeep or Paradip, as it is additionally called, is in itself excellent. In the conversion of waterway Mahanadi and Bay of Bengal, the land shocks you with its astonishing perspectives. Be it the dawn or the dusk, you would not have any desire to miss a snapshot of it. Here are the main attractions in Paradeep.

Paradip Port 

Gahirmatha Beach 

Gahirmatha Sanctuary 

Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary 

Paradip Port 


Udayagiri and Ratnagiri Caves 

Watercraft Safari 


Marine Aquarium 

Baladeva Temple 

Hanuman Temple 

Jagannath Temple 

In spite of the fact that Orissa has obtained a cutting edge face to it, the land has held its antiquated appeal. A visit to the place makes you feel a part of the universe of the former time. You can't in any way, shape or form plan to cover all the traveler goals in one go, yet knowing more about them would guarantee that you visit them amid your resulting visit to the land. So am I, searching for a greater amount of Orissa; each visitor spot you could propose is welcome.

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