Top 10 Places To Visit In Tamil Nadu

The words Tamil Nadu actually signifies 'The Land of The Tamils or Tamil Country'. The State of Tamil Nadu is the eleventh biggest State out of the 29 conditions of India. Be that as it may, what Tamil Nadu needs in size, it picks up in its wealth of common assets. The western, north-western and the southern parts are bottomless in vegetation since they're the meeting purposes of the Western and the Eastern Ghats with the Nilgiris Hills. This makes the express a biological specialty which gives the State of Tamil Nadu plenitude in widely varied vegetation. Tamil Nadu has likewise been home to the most seasoned of developments, and has seen the manage of different antiquated lines like the Chera, Chola, and Pandya which governed the area between 300 BC – 300 AD. The condition of Tamil Nadu is in this manner rich in both the parts of Cultural and Natural making it a vacationer sanctuary. In this article, we might talk about the 10 mainstream places you should Visit in Tamil Nadu.

1. Chennai 

Marina Sunrise Chennai

Picture credit – Thangaraj Kumaravel, CC-BY 2.0

Some time ago known by the name Madras, Chennai is the Capital City of Tamil Nadu. The city has been encompassed by the South Indian Kingdoms since ages, in this way it has dependably been the cutting edge of all social, prudent, social, business and mechanical improvement in the south of India. Chennai is the short type of the real name Chennapatnam. It's regularly nicknamed as the Detroit of India, because of Chennai lodging the larger part of India's Automobile businesses. Not just businesses, the city is renowned for its unmistakable culture and legacy too and you may need to take around 2-3 days to legitimately investigate this city alone.

The city houses more than 20 legacy structures including railroad stations, Museums, Book Shops, Cinema corridors and some more. Chennai is likewise renowned for its perfect sandy shorelines, parks, sanctuaries and social focuses. There are different shopping attractions here and most sorts for Modern Day Activities one can name. With a major rundown of vacation destinations, Chennai is suitably the third most went to City by voyagers after Delhi and Mumbai.

2. Mahabalipuram 


Picture credit – Kannan Muthuraman, CC BY-ND 2.0

Otherwise called Mamallapuram, the city of Mahabalipuram is renowned for its old and social legacy. The city of Mahabalipuram was an unmistakable ocean port going back to seventh century AD and was controlled by the Pallava Dynasty. The place is renowned for its landmarks and is arranged among the UNESCO world legacy locales. All of the landmarks are cut out of Granite and show the splendor of Dravidian style design.

The town is generally a little one and an ideal approach to get around it either by foot or bicycle rental. The attractions in the entire town can be shrouded in a day or two. The city is clamoring with voyagers most times of the year aside from rainstorm. The stunning area of this place adds to the appeal of the landmarks and the complicated carvings. The sanctuaries here are a wonder to observe and with the guide of a proficient visit direct one can thoroughly become mixed up in the old stories behind each of the landmarks.

3. Kanyakumari 


Picture credit – Premnath Thirumalaisamy, CC-BY 2.0

The southernmost tip of terrain India, Kanyakumari was previously known by the name Cape Comorin. The old town of Kanyakumari was an imperative site amid the Reign of the Chola, Chera, and Pandya administration. The town is well known for its excellent shorelines, sanctuaries, landmarks and social focuses. The town is likewise popular for its unmistakable culture and neighborly individuals.

The place because of its interesting area witnesses a wonder like just a couple puts on the planet has seen i.e. the dawn and the dusk can be seen at a similar shoreline. The town lays at the juncture of three waterways to be specific the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal and is in this manner considered an essential journey site in the south of India. The sanctuaries here are the implicit Dravidian style of engineering. The different south Indian treats served here are awesome and light on the stomach and incorporate a portion of the south Indian works of art like Sambhar, Idli and Dosa and so on a trek to this town is certain to invigorate your faculties.

4. Madurai 


Picture credit – wish am, CC BY-ND 2.0

The third biggest city in Tamil Nadu, Madurai is additionally one of the most established possessed urban areas on the planet. The place has been specified by numerous, for example, Kautilya and Megasthenes. The city has been managed by both the Pandya and the Chola traditions. The city houses various critical and eminent sanctuaries that it is worked around. Topographically the city of Madurai lies on the prolific fields close to the waterway Vaigai which partitions the city in two sections. The land is along these lines, for the most part, utilized for horticulture and the significant provider for paddy harvests, for example, rice in India.

The greater part of visitors who come to Madurai come to visit the different sanctuaries that revere this old city. The Meenakshi Amman Temple is of prime significance here as it has been said in all the antiquated messages and is considered as the prime pioneer spot for the Tamil individuals. The Temple complex comprises of 27 unique sanctuaries and the most elevated tower with the tallness of 51.9 meters high crowns the place. A wide range of landmarks and sanctuaries are additionally an unquestionable requirement visit alongside the different celebrations celebrated here. The town of Madurai is a profound involvement in itself.

5. Kodaikanal 


Picture credit – Akhilesh Ravishankar, CC BY-ND 2.0

The town is likewise alluded to as the 'Princess of the Hill stations' with its name signifying 'the Gift of the Forest'. It is a little slope station with a normal height of 2,331 meters above ocean level. The place is encompassed by thick woods and is situated at the highest point of the Palani Hills. The foundation of the slope station goes back to 1845 which was established as an asylum from the warmth and the infections of the tropical fields. The town is a noteworthy vacation destination and tourism industry is the wellspring of most of the town's economy.

Kodaikanal is popular for its beautiful excellence and has various characteristic attractions that are the purpose behind its high traveler populace. The lakes, parks and distinctive waterfalls alongside the rich wealth of widely varied vegetation, the town, is to be sure the endowment of the backwoods. The place is a home to numerous characteristic wonders and marvels, for example, the blossoming of the uncommon Kurinji Flower which just sprouts once in 12 years and is said to cover the whole valley in blue. With its different vegetation and regular and synthetic attractions to appreciate, Kodaikanal will make you need to remain.

6. Vellore 


Picture credit – Abhijit Kashyap, CC-BY 2.0

Otherwise called, the Fort city, Vellore is situated on the banks of Palar River at the North-eastern piece of Tamil Nadu. The city went under the rule of different kingdoms and governments, for example, the Pallava, the Chola, the Carnatic Kingdom and the British. The place's name originates from the Monolithic fortification of Vellore which was implicit the sixteenth century by the Vijayanagar Kings and is developed out of stone. The fortification complex has a Christian church graciousness the British, a Mosque and an old Hindu Temple which has the absolute most great carvings.

The place has a considerable measure of noteworthy pertinence also, as the fortification of Vellore is said to have housed Tipu sultan's family amid the British Rule. Aside from the post, there are a few different attractions that have made it an essential vacationer goal. The different sanctuaries with a splendid show of carvings and Dravidian Style design, the pleasant slope station of Yelagiri, the chapels and mosques and different shopping hotspots has made it an unquestionable requirement visit put in Tamil Nadu.

7. Ooty


Picture credit – Venky TV, CC BY-SA 2.0

The Capital of the Nilgiris District, Ooty or Ootacamund is one of the tops went by slope stations in India. The place lies in the heart of the Nilgiris Mountains with a normal rise of 2,240 meters above ocean level. The place is portrayed by the blue smoky fog from the thick eucalyptus woods and is likewise known to house the uncommon karanji bloom. The town's significant wellspring of an economy, as most slope stations are tourism. Numerous authorities of the British government portrayed the likeliness of this place to look like Switzerland.

Regardless of being situated in the tropical locale of India, Ooty appreciates a lovely and gentle atmosphere consistently, with crisp evenings. The best time to visit is between the months of December till February and is frequented by vacationers all around. The different lakes, mountains, patio nurseries and valleys are stunning spots to visit. The diverse pinnacles are extraordinary spots for trekking and the lakes make astonishing outdoors and outing spots. A visit to Ooty and you will encounter an encompassing which is one of a kind to wherever in India.

8. Kanchipuram


Picture credit – Kannan Muthuraman, CC BY-ND 2.0

The city of Kanchipuram is situated on the shores of the Vegavathy River. The city has seen various decision traditions and governments, for example, the Pandya, Cholas, the Vijayanagar Empire, the Carnatic kingdom and the British government. Kanchipuram since medieval times has been huge as the instructive focus and was known as the place for learning. The city is additionally well known for its different sanctuaries that are implicit the Dravidian style of engineering and show astounding stone carvings. Kanchipuram has been a vital city and has been said in writings going back to the Maurya Period (325-185 BC) and has been continually specified as a city like no other in the Dravidian Kingdom.

Kanchipuram separated from its different sanctuaries is likewise known for its therapeutic herbs, this reality has been vouched for by the old messages too. One of the real results of Kanchipuram is its specific silk and more than 5000 families living here are required in silk weaving and celebrated for the "Kanchipuram silk Saris". The place is rich in both characteristic and artificial attractions



Picture credit – Raghavan Prabhu, CC-BY 2.0

The very industrialized town of Coimbatore is frequently named as the 'Manchester of India'. It is the second biggest city as far as the territory in the State of Tamil Nadu. The place is well known for its different sanctuaries, shopping centers and run of the mill Tamil sustenance things. The town of Coimbatore is likewise encompassed by different cookout spots like waterfalls and waterways which are certain to revive your faculties and are extraordinary spots to visit with family or companions. The city is situated on the banks of the Noyyal River and is encompassed by the Western Ghats.

The best thing about this city is its charming climate throughout the entire year. The thick woodland secured mountains and the cool twist from the Palghat crevice makes the hot climate a charming one. The city additionally takes pride in lodging the Siruvani River which is a tributary of the River Kaveri. The exceptional thing about this waterway is the essence of the water because of an impeccable blend of the minerals making it the second most delectable water on the planet after the Nile River (don't purchase bundled water when you visit this place). There are different parks and zoos that exclusive add to the expansive number of vacation spots display in this city.

10. Tirunelveli


Picture credit – Prakash, CC BY-ND 2.0

Another old city in Tamil Nadu, Tirunelveli is well known for its sanctuaries. The city is situated at the southernmost tip of the Deccan level with the waterway Tamirabarani going through the city. The city is a religious and agrarian center and flourishes with tourism. The place is copious in regular assets and has a different scope of physical components like mountain reaches, streams, ocean drifts, and timberlands.

The sanctuaries here are of exceptional noteworthiness as they were made in medieval times by the decision administrations of that period and show some splendid engineering and stone carvings. Aside from being a great center point of Tamil Nadu, the city holds various unfamiliar spots which make it a vacationer safe house. The woodlands house an assortment of characteristic widely varied vegetation alongside numerous uncommon and jeopardized species. The best time to visit the place is between October-February when the atmosphere is lovely and the vegetation is at its pinnacle.

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