15 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Arizona

1 Grand Canyon 

Fabulous Canyon

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One of the greatest attractions in America, and positively in the condition of Arizona, is the terrific Grand Canyon. This mind blowing scene, cut out by the Colorado River, uncovers the force of nature and the ponder it can make. The gully dividers gleam an assortment of hues in the late evening sun, with tints of orange, red, yellow, and everything in the middle. Most guests see the gorge from the South Rim, where there are various post regions up and down the street and walkway running along the ravine's edge. The North Rim gives an alternate view by and large, yet the street is shut in winter. For the individuals who need a more critical look, t is conceivable to climb down into the Grand Canyon or take a helicopter flight over and through the gorge.

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2 Glen Canyon National Recreation Area 

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

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The Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is a dazzling region of blue water, forsake scene, and sensational stone dividers. Notwithstanding Glen Canyon, the range is likewise home to Lake Powell, one of the biggest synthetic lakes in the United States.

The Glen Canyon Dam was built somewhere around 1956 and 1964 to obstruct the Colorado River and make Lake Powell. There is still a 15 mile area of Glen Canyon downstream from the Glen Canyon Dam, which extends starting from the dam to Lees Ferry.

The town of Page is a decent base for investigating the Glen Canyon National Recreation zone and encompassing area. The biggest marina on Lake Powell, Wahweap Marina, is found only 7 miles north of Page. One of the range's greatest attractions is the close-by opening ravines of Antelope Canyon. Contingent upon the area of the ravine, guests can either basically stroll through a thin space gulch with shafts of light entering through the top, enlightening the red dividers, or repulse down into a gorge. Photographs of Antelope Canyon are frequently found on postcards or in artistic work exhibitions. Guests can visit Antelope Canyon on a guided visit.

Official site: http://www.nps.gov/glca/index.htm

3 Monument Valley 

Landmark Valley

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Landmark Valley Navajo Tribal Park straddles the fringe amongst Arizona and Utah. The amazing Wild West scene incorporates rough shake arrangements, sensational buttes, and sand hills. Guests can do a self drive visit through the valley, take a guided visit or photography visit, or just welcome a portion of the perspectives from the passing roadway.

Official site: http://navajonationparks.org/htm/monumentvalley.htm

4 Hoover Dam 

Hoover Dam

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Hoover Dam is one of the world's awesome designing wonders. This monstrous structure, finished in 1935, crosses the Colorado River, connecting Arizona and Nevada. It is 726 feet high and 1,244 feet long. Lake Mead, kept down by the Hoover Dam, is the biggest manufactured lake in the United States. It is 110 miles in length, and holds what might as well be called two years of stream of the Colorado River.

Official site: http://www.usbr.gov/lc/hooverdam/

5 Sedona 


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The town of Sedona, around 90 minutes drive north of Phoenix, is arranged in a shocking setting, encompassed by red shake mountains and buttes. There are awesome perspectives from the principle roadway going through the town and practically every road corner. The region has incredible climbing and mountain biking, however jeep visits give a considerably less demanding approach to get out into the scene. Sedona is known for its vitality vortexes and many individuals consider it to be an exceedingly otherworldly place.

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6 Jerome 


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Situated along a mountainside high over the betray floor, Jerome is an old mining town, turned phantom town, turned vacation destination. A lofty slope with curves is the primary road through town, and where guests will discover fascinating stores and eateries. Sees from the boulevards and a portion of the shop windows are astounding. Large portions of the old structures have been remodeled yet some still remain as remnants, making an exceptionally intriguing element. This town is a famous day trip from Sedona, Prescott, Phoenix, or Flagstaff. There is additionally settlement for the individuals who need to spend the night. The town's history can be acknowledged at the Gold King Mine Museum and the Jerome State Historic Park.

This town is special no doubt, and has many intriguing and idiosyncratic locales. The Sliding Jail in Jerome was initially worked around 1928. Based on an earth smooth, it soon started to slide and now sits 2,500 feet from its unique area. The Jerome Grand Hotel, worked in 1927, is the most noteworthy open working in the Verde Valley, and it offers stunning perspectives. The Bartlett Hotel was once one of Jerome's finest lodging yet today remains in vestiges.

7 Havasu Falls 

Havasu Falls

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Close Supai on the Havasupai Indian Reservation is the 100-foot Havasu Falls. The pools at the base of Havasu Falls have a pale blue green tint to the water, and the fall is forked so it gives the idea that there are two falls when the stream is streaming intensely. In the gully of Havasu Creek, a tributary of the Colorado River, somewhere in the range of 450 Havasupai Indians (the "general population of the blue-green water") carry on with a segregated life, subsisting on their unassuming cultivating exercises yet now predominantly subject to the traveler exchange. In this paradisiac valley the Havasu have made various waterfalls and cut out bowls in the travertine shake which frame alluring showering pools.

8 Canyon De Chelly National Monument 

Gulch De Chelly National Monument

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The Canyon de Chelly National Monument is home to astounding precipice homes found on and at the base of soak sided gulches up to 1,000 ft profound. In the primary gulch are Spider Rock, a striking rock arrangement, and the White House, developed c. 1050 and found in 1849. This is the best known about over a hundred precipice residences, generally in difficult to reach areas, which were possessed from around AD 350 to 1300. Other precipice abodes are the Antelope House and Mummy Cave (in which mummies were found) in the Canyon del Muerto. There is a useful archeological exhibition hall in the Visitor Center, and there are different guided visits and strolls.

Official site: http://www.nps.gov/cach/index.htm

Arizona - Canyon De Chelly National Monument - Map

Arizona - Canyon De Chelly National Monument Map

9 Bisbee 


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In the most distant south of Arizona close to the Mexico fringe is Bisbee. This previous mining town is set high in the mountains, with perspectives that stretch out over moving territory to Mexico. Homes, a large portion of which are previous diggers lodges, line the slopes which encompass the noteworthy downtown region. After the mines shut Bisbee turned into an apparition town and squatters took up living arrangement. Inevitably the town turned into a safe house for specialists and flower children. Today it is a prosperous little group with a diverse blend of individuals living here, special shops covering the old fundamental road, and many fascinating things to see. This is a prevalent day trip from Tucson and encompassing regions, regularly consolidated with a trek to Tombstone.

10 Lake Mead National Recreation Area 

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

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Lake Mead National Recreation Area traverses 177 miles of the Colorado River, including Lake Mead and Lake Mohave. The territory's 1.5 million sections of land extends into southern Nevada.

The zone offers sailing and watersports, outdoors offices, angling, and climbing openings. Lake Mohave is 67 miles in length, making it the littler of the two noteworthy lakes in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Like its partner, Lake Mohave is a manufactured waterway, kept down by Davis Dam. Willow Beach is a little resort town on the Colorado River with settlement, eateries, marina and fish incubation center.

Official site: http://www.nps.gov/lake/index.htm

11 Petrified Forest National Park 

Petrified Forest National Park

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Vast bits of petrified wood, alongside fossilized plants, fish, and reptiles, have been uncovered in awesome numbers in what is today Petrified National Forest in the Painted Desert. The recreation center get to street permits guests to drive passed huge numbers of the highlights and short interpretive trails take into consideration quit for the day at an assortment of extraordinary sights. The Visitors Center gives understanding into the biology and geography of the recreation center and is a decent place to begin before taking off on the drive.

12 Saguaro National Park 

Saguaro National Park

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Saguaro National Park is an incredible place to encounter the betray scene around Tucson and see the well known saguaro desert flora very close. The recreation center has two segments, an east and a west bit, situated on the east and west side of Tucson, around a half hour divide. Both offer awesome chances to see the betray widely varied vegetation with streets and climbing trails. There are additionally testing climbing choices accessible with trails that lead up into the high mountains, coming to up to 8000 ft in height. Guests can visit both segments of the recreation center on a similar passage ticket or stop pass.

Official site: http://www.nps.gov/sagu/index.htm

13 Organ Pipe Prickly plant National Landmark 

Organ Pipe Prickly plant National Landmark

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In southwestern Arizona, on the boondocks with Mexico, is Organ Pipe Prickly plant National Landmark, with three particular desertic vegetation zones and approximately 30 distinct types of desert flora. Be that as it may, the recreation center is celebrated for the organ pipe desert plant, which grows up to 23 ft high, and sprouts from May to July. In view of the considerable warmth amid the day it opens up its blossoms simply after nightfall. The region can be investigated on different streets and climbing trails. There are two picturesque drives of note; the Ajo Mountain Drive, and the Puerto Blanco Drive.

Official site: http://www.nps.gov/orpi/index.htm

14 Tumacacori National Authentic Stop 

Tumacacori National Authentic Stop

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Tumacacori National Verifiable Stop, found south of Tucson, jelly the remains of three early Spanish provincial missions on 47 sections of land in southern Arizona. San José de Tumacácori and Los Santos Ángeles de Guevavi were set up in 1691 and are the two most established missions in Arizona. The third mission, San Cayetano de Calabazas, was built up in 1756. The site was relinquished in 1848 because of Apache strikes, disregard, and an appalling winter. Tumacacori turned into a national landmark in 1908 and the two Spanish missions, Guevavi and Calabazas, were added to the site in 1990.

Address: 1891 East Alternate Street, Tumacacori

Official site: http://www.nps.gov/tuma/index.htm

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15 Eland Ravine at Page 

Eland Ravine at Page

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Eland Ravine, only outside of Page, is a space gulch and extremely famous photography area. Photographs of Pronghorn Gorge can be found in practically every significant display in Arizona. There are two sections to the gully, Upper and Lower. Going to every area requires a guide and there are an assortment of visit alternatives accessible. The gulch exists in the Navajo Country save limit.

Official site: http://www.navajoantelopecanyon.com/

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