Top 4 Places To Visit In Tripura

One of the Seven Sister States in upper east India, Tripura, is a fantasy goal for nature significant others. It is encompassed on all sides by Bangladesh, the neighboring nation. Unexplored timberlands, stunning valleys, beautiful waterfalls and grand mountains make Tripura a flawless land to loosen up. The land is likewise rich in culture, which is reflected by the landmarks and legacy locales here. Its antiquated history and culture constrain history mates to visit the place. Here are the top goals in Tripura.

1. Agartala 



Photograph by Koshy, CC-BY 2.0

Agartala would actually be the primary decision goal for the individuals who visit Tripura. The land is rich in normal magnificence furthermore, brags of being home to different tribes. Thus, it is a vivid representation of different societies. Agartala is renowned for lovely royal residences, landmarks, sanctuaries and painstaking work. It has a rich past as well. The landmarks here are shocking indications of the transcendent past of Agartala. On the off chance that you expect to visit Tripura, don't miss the top attractions in Agartala.

Chittagong Hills 


Ujjayanta Palace 

Neermahal Palace 


Tripura Government Museum 

State Museum 

Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary 

Gondacherra Wildlife Sanctuary 

Kalapana Nature Park 

Malancha Niwas 

Haveli Museum 

2. Dharmanagar 

Dharmanagar is the second biggest city in Tripura and a standout amongst the most wonderful urban areas in India. It has a rich past, which is apparent from the memorable landmarks and royal residences found here. On the off chance that you adore history and are energetic about going by antiquated spots, you would love your visit to Dharmanagar, where notable remnants take you to the past. Here are the top goals in Dharmanagar.

Jampui Hills 


Kalibari Temple 

Roa Wildlife Sanctuary 

3. Udaipur 



Photograph by Abhishek1988, CC BY-SA 3.0

Found 55kms far from Agartala, Udaipur positions third in the rundown of biggest urban communities in Tripura. It is on the banks of River Gomati, the biggest in Tripura. Broadly alluded to as the Lake City, it has additionally various sanctuaries and memorable destinations that draw in visitors in extraordinary numbers. Here are some vital spots to visit in Udaipur.

Tripura Sundari Temple 

Gunabati Group of Temples 

Old Palace 

Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary 

Bhubaneshwari Temple 

Kalyan Sagar 

Nazrul Granthagar 

Tepania Eco-Park 

4. Ambassa 

Ambassa is one of the wonderful urban communities in Tripura. Especially like Tripura's other top attractions, Ambassa too is popular for antiquated sanctuaries. The pleasant settings and the rich culture of the land make it one of the main attractions in Tripura. Here is a portion of the main attractions of Ambassa.



Photograph by Sandro La Carbone, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0



Neermahal Palace 

Ujjayanta Palace 

Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary 

Jagannath Temple 

Longtharai Mandir 

Kamalasagar Kali Temple 

Kamaleshwari Mandir 

Rose Valley Park 

Dumboor Lake 

There are numerous other little urban communities and towns in Tripura that hold your faculties hostage. The locales of verifiable significance and spots with amazing scenes are significantly more than what I could figure out how to see amid my short visit. Might you want to give me a thought on what I had missed seeing in Tripura?

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