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The Hollywood Hotel was opened in 1902 by H. J. Whitley, president of the Los Pacific Boulevard and Development Company. Having at long last obtained the Hurd farm and subdivided it, Whitley constructed the lodging to pull in land purchasers. Flanking the west side of Highland Avenue, the structure fronted on Prospect Avenue, which, still a dusty, unpaved street, was routinely evaluated and graveled. The inn was to wind up distinctly globally known and was the focal point of the metro and social life and home of the stars for some years.
Whitley's organization created and sold one of the early local locations, the Ocean View Tract.Whitley did much to advance the range. He paid a great many dollars for electric lighting, including bringing power and building a bank, and also a street into the Cahuenga Pass. The lighting kept running for a few squares down Prospect Avenue. Whitley's property was fixated on Highland Avenue. His 1918 advancement, Whitley Heights, was named for him.

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