EPF Withdrawal After Leaving The Job- How To Apply

Did you likewise left the occupation and now you need to pull back your EPF adjust? You more likely than not found out about the long and troublesome method of the PF withdrawal. In any case, Don't stress. I will disclose to you the system of EPF withdrawal. By Following this, you will get your Employee Provident Fund cash effortlessly and rapidly. Be that as it may, before that, Please answer a few inquiries.

It is safe to say that you are still at work?

It is safe to say that you will have work?

Do you truly require EPF cash?

In the event that your answer is YES, you ought not pull back the EPF adjust. There are 4 motivations to maintain a strategic distance from the PF withdrawal.

Why Should You Avoid PF Withdrawal

EPF is a retirement corpus. You ought not touch it beyond what many would consider possible. It turns out to be exceptionally hard to manufacture a retirement corpus in more seasoned age.

You can without much of a stretch exchange PF adjust through the online procedure. Manufacture your retirement corpus by including the PF adjusts.

Your PF withdrawal sum winds up noticeably assessable in the event that it is pulled back before the 5 years of the PF account opening.

It is against the tenets in the event that you pull back the PF account adjust of a prior occupation while you are as yet utilized.

You can't pull back entire corpus of the EPF. The business' commitment and enthusiasm upon it can't be pulled back before the retirement age.

You ought to pull back the PF sum just when you don't have any occupation for over 2 months and you are not going to land a position. As indicated by the standards you can't pull back PF sum inside 2 months of leaving the administration. In spite of the fact that in specific conditions, you can get the PF sum promptly in the wake of leaving the occupation. Indeed, if the circumstance emerges you can take credit from the EPF account.

Agenda of EPF Withdrawal

To pull back the PF sum you ought to check these data.

The UAN is required for EPF withdrawal. The unwinding is given to just the individuals who have left the occupation before 1 Jan 2014.

Your name ought to coordinate with the financial balance.

Your date of birth and father's name ought to coordinate with the personality confirmation.

Your manager ought to enroll the leave date in EPFO records.

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Online PF Withdrawal Facility

Online offices have helped you hugely. At that point why ought to there not be online PF withdrawal office? Really, It ought to have begun years back. Sadly, EPFO still couldn't begin online PF withdrawal office. You can just exchange EPF on the web. EPFO has guaranteed online withdrawal office with the online exchange prepare. In any case, it proved unable. We need to hold up some more months. In any case, all inclusive record number (UAN) of PF has changed the entire procedure of pf withdrawal and exchange. Do you know your UAN number? No, you can discover the UAN number on the web.

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There are two strategies to pull back the Employee Provident Fund. The principal technique is simple and ideal. You ought to go for the second technique just if the first strategy does not work.

1. EPF withdrawal With New Form

In this strategy for EPF withdrawal, you don't require the business' verification! A major help!

This technique is for those individuals who have given their Adhaar number at UAN entrance. Once your Adhaar gets confirmed by the business, you don't require encourage validation by the business. Accordingly, you ought to connect your Adhaar with the UAN amid the occupation. It would spare you from many brothers.

Along these lines, to pull back the EPF you need to experience these means.

Interface you Adhaar number to UAN.

Get your Adhaar validated by the Employer

Download the new EPF withdrawal shape. It is little frame and requires few subtle elements.

Fill the new EPF withdrawal shape and submit it straightforwardly to the provincial PF office.

In view of the immediate frame accommodation, the entire PF withdrawal handle takes less time. You can expect PF inside seven days.

2. EPF withdrawal With Old Form

You need to utilize consistent Form 19 for EPF withdrawal. Your manager ought to give this shape to you. Else, you can specifically download shape 19 from the EPFO site. With the provident reserve, you may likewise jump at the chance to pull back the annuity sum. Nonetheless, you can get plot declaration rather than annuity sum if your administration is for under 10 years. On the off chance that you have served for over 10 years, you will get the benefits just, that additionally beyond 50 years old. To pull back the benefits sum you need to fill the shape 10 C.

Points of interest You Have To Collect

Unwind, you have not to give any records for PF withdrawal. In any case, you should have some data heretofore.

PF account number
Date of joining
Date of Leaving
Bank Account Number (it ought to be a similar which was enlisted by your manager)
IFSC code

Additionally, you need to give a wiped out check for record number affirmation. There might be a blunder in composing the record number.

Most importantly, the most critical thing is the great connection with the HR branch of your manager. In the event that he coƶperates you require not to stress over anything and you will get the cash rapidly also. Else, getting EPF cash might challenge for you. In any case, you can apply for EPF withdrawal without the endorsement/mark of the business. You can see guideline for each segment of the frame 19.

PF Withdrawal Process subsequent to leaving the occupation

Methodology For Applying

Visit the human asset branch of the business with a duplicate of the unlimited free pass is sufficient.

The HR division will give you the frame 19 and 10 C. You can have it in advance.

Indeed, even you can get some information about your joining and leaving date from the HR.

Submit both the structures with HR.

HR will bear witness to the frame and send it to the territorial PF office.

The territorial PF office takes around one month to handle your application.

EPFO stores PF sum specifically to the representative's record.

You can track your application status through this connection. You can likewise know the PF adjust in your record.

Regular Problems In PF Withdrawal

The mark can befuddle. After a long stretch, your mark can change. In the event that this is the circumstance, then you need to make an oath. This Affidavit ought to be additionally confirmed by the business.

There might be blunders in the spelling of your or your dad's name. Once more, your boss will amend assuming, to begin with, then you can apply for withdrawal.

You may have shut you before record. An oath and manager verification would work for this situation also.

The business did not present your current PF commitment. On the off chance that it happens, you can gripe to local EPFO. Else, you can sit tight for some days.

You have not served your notice period and the business is not supporting. Try not to stress, you can pull back EPF without the business' signature too. On the off chance that you have all inclusive record number, don't stress for this overbearing.

Your boss doesn't have a record of the EPF account number. To get the PF number pursuit your old Pay Slip. For the most part, it has the PF account number. Still, you can't get the PF number, compose a letter to the provincial Pf chief with every one of the points of interest (name, father's name, DOB, Name of foundation, Location, date of joining date of leaving) and request PF number. Utilize enlist your grievance office of EPFO.

The Company is no more. For this situation, you ought to take after the strategy of PF withdrawal without businesses signature.

EPF Withdrawal App

Before long, you can utilize the EPF withdrawal application to get your cash with no part of the business. In any case, to utilize this office you should Link the Adhaar with UAN. The EPFO is making a decent attempt to reveal this application in the start of 2017.

The Rollback of EPF Withdrawal Age Condition

In April 2016, The administration has made the guidelines of EPF withdrawal extremely strict. As indicated by new principles you can't pull back the business' commitment before the age of 58. After the dissent in terms of professional career unions, the administration moved back its decsion. Presently the old lead of EPF withdrawal wins. That is to say, you can pull back your EPF sum before the retirement on the off chance that you stay jobless for two months.

In the financial plan 2016, the administration has additionally proposed to impose on 60% measure of PF corpus. In any case, after the gigantic dissent, the administration trashed this proposition.

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