What Is Gestational Diabetes?

Gestational diabetes just occurs amid pregnancy. In the event that you have it, you can at present have a sound child, with assistance from your specialist and by doing basic things consistently to deal with your glucose.

After your infant is conceived, you might not have diabetes any longer. Gestational diabetes makes you more prone to create sort 2 diabetes, yet it won't occur.


Amid pregnancy, the placenta makes hormones that can prompt a development of sugar in your blood. More often than not, your pancreas can make enough insulin to deal with that. If not, your glucose levels will rise and can bring about gestational diabetes.

It is safe to say that you are at Risk?

You will probably get gestational diabetes if:

  • You were overweight before you got pregnant.
  • You are African-American, Asian, Hispanic, or Native American.
  • Your blood sugar levels are high, but not high enough to be diabetes.
  • Diabetes runs in your family.
  • You’ve had gestational diabetes before.