Apple TV 4K UK release date revealed – price, spec details and features for the HDR device

What are the highlights of the Apple TV?

The new form of the Apple TV spilling gadget will have the capacity to indicate video with more honed "4K" determination which is a stage up from standard superior quality.

It additionally utilizes a shading change innovation called high power range.

Many opponent gadgets effectively offer these highlights.

Be that as it may, there's not a considerable measure of video in 4K and HDR yet, nor are there numerous TVs that can show it.

Apple says it's been working with motion picture studios to convey titles with 4K and HDR to its iTunes store.

They will be sold at an indistinguishable cost from top notch video, which has a tendency to be a couple of dollars more than standard-definition variants.

Apple says it's working with Netflix and Amazon Prime to convey their 4K unique projects to Apple TV, as well.

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