Top 10 Vitamin C Foods

Vitamin C is a water-dissolvable vitamin that assumes a part in keeping up the strength of the body's connective tissue and also going about as a cell reinforcement.

An extreme vitamin C inadequacy will bring about scurvy, an illness coming about because of the breakdown of collagen.

Scurvy is infrequently considered today, to be just a little measure of vitamin C is expected to forestall it.

In any case, even mellow vitamin C inadequacy side effects include simple wounding, draining gums, moderate injury recuperating, dry part hair, nosebleeds, and dry red spots on the skin, where blood has spilled out of the vessels.

Benefits of consuming vitamin C rich foods include:

  • Promotes healthy glowing skin and collagen formation
  • Improves mineral absorption
  • Fights free radical damage
  • Boosts immunity fighting colds and flu
  • Improves health of gums and teeth
  • Vital for circulation and heart health

Top 10 Vitamin C Foods List

1) Oranges
1 large: 82 mg (over 100% DV)

2) Red peppers
½ cup chopped, raw: 95 mg (over 100% DV)

3) Kale
1 cup: 80 mg (134% DV)

4) Brussels sprouts
½ cup cooked: 48 mg (80% DV)

5) Broccoli
½ cup cooked: 51 mg (107% DV)

6) Strawberries
½ cup: 42 mg (70% DV)

7) Grapefruit
½ cup: 43 mg (71% DV)

8) Guava
1 fruit: 125 mg (over 100% DV)

9) Kiwi
1 piece: 64 mg (33% DV)

10) Green peppers
½ c chopped, raw: 60 mg (100% DV)

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