South Africa attack the best in the world: Rohit Sharma

"The focal piece to my batting is to attempt and clear the field. There's no more science to it," Rohit said.

"I begin my motor ease back and it needs to go past a specific separation before it gets warmed. What's more, that is the point at which I start to open up," Rohit said.

Dale Steyn has the experience to utilize the new and the old ball: Rohit

MUMBAI: In years to come, the individuals who monitor cricket's shorter arrangements should continue alluding to Rohit Sharma's profile to figure how precisely did he change the examples of run-production in restricted overs cricket. It's that sort of batting that Rohit has placed in plain view the last couple of years. Having been named the 'assassin' by his colleagues, it's all things considered that 2017 has a place with the Mumbai batsman.

Selections from a meeting ...

Three twofold hundreds in ODIs. You appear to change the parameters of batting in shorter organizations, turning into the benchmark for world cricket to take after...

Not so much. Indeed now that you say it, I'm contemplating internally on the off chance that I at any point thought on those lines. Indeed, in one of my current collaborations with the media, while noting an inquiry, I really needed to underline on something that I'd get a kick out of the chance to call attention to again at the present time. I said 'it might look simple all things considered, however, it's definitely not. It's precisely the inverse'.

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