sisense software For Best Business Analytic software, Pricing and documentation

  • Sisense is a best Business Intelligence (BI) solution that uses sensational data visualizations
  • Sisense  The platform can be used by companies of all levels and sizes and because it doesn’t require a long implementation period or extensive training, businesses can begin using it almost immediately.
  • Sisense multi users with the tools they need to manage and support business data using visuals and reporting.
  • Sisense uses ElastiCube as their analytics database, which makes use of In-Chip technology.
  • This enables a single server coupled with minimal hardware to handle big data.
  • Sisense  best functionality for dashboards and scorecards; data warehousing; extract, transform and load (ETL); and a query and report writer

About Sisense 

  • Connect and combine large volumes of data from a variety of sources
  • Create impactful dashboards
  • Interact, filter and mine your data
  • Share insights with colleagues
  • View and explore your data in ways you never thought possible

Sisence Dashboards user-friendly widgets which makes friendly customized You can choose from geographical maps, gauges to measure KPIs, line charts, scatter plots, and pie charts.
Sisense makes good use of drag and drops functionality
Sisense connectors support file all types such as MS Excel, CSV, and MS Access. It also supports applications such as Amazon Redshift, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Spreadsheets, and Salesforce, QuickBase and Zendesk.
Sosence is the very pricing model is based upon customer (user) requirement. provide free trail without credit card choose your best
This topic describes how to download Sisense and the installation process for ... have to be excluded from antivirus scanning when you use anti-virus software.

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