Ultimate Guide for Ipage Hosting Reviews and specifications


Ipage was founded since 1998 as web servers service provider but the company reopened operations as web hosting provider at 2009 .its currently belongs to Endurance International Group, which is s also web hosting company such as Bluehost and Hostgator

what is iPage

iPage Hosting is an Endurance International Group (EIG) web hosting brand, acquired in 2010 from founder Thomas Gorny.

Endurance International owns some huge web hostings like FatCow, Bluehost, HostMonster, Just Host, PowWeb, EasyCGI, StartLogic, Dot5Hosting, VPSLink, and more. iPage Hosting now has offices in six worldwide locations serving over one million websites between two data centers in the U.S.
Ipage is one of the best and cheapest hosting in the Global its is well hosting but not great 
They are very big and well known in widely typically inconsistence falling somewhere poor and average 
Ipage being said maybe ipage cloud delivers stunning performance statistics that we can't deny
we are newly started WordPress shared hosting one-click install We’ve been running performance tests ever since monitoring the most important hosting statistic like uptime and speed which are critical for your site (and business) success.

Pros of iPage Hosting
1. First Good News Ipage is a Very cheapest hosting option available like cheapex2
2.very High security Hosting while you are sleeping
3.SiteLock can help you sleep well at night knowing someone else is worrying about the potential security problems or issues.
4. Third Party Application Support
iPage plays good with others, connecting simply with Google Apps, PayPal, and more. That’s especially helpful for eCommerce websites who need to handle secure payment transactions.
iPage also throws in some bonus credits on new accounts for Google AdWords, Yahoo, and Bing.
5. Upfront, Honest (Cheap) Pricing
Many web hosts appear inexpensive at first.   most EIG brands who are frequent perpetrators of this trick.
5. Ipage 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
6. Strong Uptime of 99.98%
Last 10-month average uptime:
December 2017 average uptime: 100%
January 2018 average uptime: 99.98%
February 2018 average uptime: 99.97%
March 2018 average uptime: 99.98%
April 2018 average uptime: 100%
May 2018 average uptime: 100%
June 2018 average uptime: 99.98%
July 2018 average uptime: 100%
August 2018 average uptime: 99.90%
September 2018 average uptime: 100%
Paige 10month stats

Cons of iPage Hosting

  1. Ipage pricing is virtually unbeatable its very low cost
  2. Their customer support is pretty good too
  3. Loading speed time it could  be good
  4. If their uptime wasn’t bad enough, prepare to be amazed.
  5. iPage’s page loading times came in at 820ms, making it only about 8% faster than competition’s average (890ms).
  6. Site speed isn’t just a vanity metric. Slow page loading times negatively impact SEO, meaning lower rankings and less visibility, which = lower site traffic.
  7. Unfortunately, based on iPage’s performance so far, we’re not exactly sure where that pocket change went. Perhaps on marketing?

Last 10-month average load time:
December 2017 average speed: 888ms
January 2018 average speed: 854ms
February 2018 average speed: 804ms
March 2018 average speed: 870ms
April 2018 average speed: 818ms
May 2018 average speed: 816ms
June 2018 average speed: 723ms
July 2018 average speed: 862ms
August 2018 average speed: 812ms
September 2018 average speed: 758ms

2. Expensive Renewal Costs
iPage advertises (and delivers) low ‘promotional pricing’ for plans of 12-36 months. They’re honest and transparent about those rates, which is great!


What happens when that plan period ends? Unfortunately, our investigation revealed that your costs will jump up to $7.99 – $9.99 per month when it’s time to renew, depending on your original plan. This ‘renewal pricing’ applies to ALL of their hosting plans, too.
3.Ipage is Expensive Domain Names
Good news. iPage will throw in a new domain name with a 30-day money back guarantee for new account signups.

With Features at the end

Ipage Features
iPage hosting contains many features which set the hosting provider apart from competitors. Below is an outline

  • Free domain name
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited disk space
  • 100% powered by wind energy
  • Free site-building tools including templates
  • Daily malware and spam scans
  • Scalable bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited MySQL databases.
  • Easy installation of apps such as b2evolution and WordPress.
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Ipage security
ipage provides 24/7 monitoring so problems can be detected and fixed fast

Nightly backups and restores
Access to website error logs
Power supply backups
State of the art encryption
Human monitoring of threats

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