15 Different Types of Lawyers (Attorney)

Types Of Lawyer (Attorney)

  1. Intellectual Property (IP) Lawyers
  2. Family Lawyers
  3. Estate Planning Lawyers
  4. Personal Injury Lawyers
  5. Malpractice Lawyers
  6. Business Lawyers
  7. Labor Lawyers
  8. Tax Lawyers
  9. Bankruptcy Lawyers
  10. Immigration Lawyers
  11. Real Estate Lawyers
  12. Constitutional Lawyers
  13. Environmental Lawyers
  14. Civil Litigation Lawyers
  15. Criminal Defense Lawyers

1.Intellectual Property (IP) Lawyers

IP Means intellectual property. Lawyer Deals with Critical roles related Protection of intellectual property .A lawyer representing clients in court proceedings. They Serve to Client as Advisor.IP lawyer rules for securing and enforcing legal rights to inventions, designs, and artwork.

2.Family Lawyers

A Family Lawyer is one of the types of attorneys. This Lawyer Deals with Any legal issue related to your families like divorce, child custody, child support, child visitation, spousal support, and guardianships, related alimony, and more. and many peoples seeking a divorce.
Benefits of Family Lawyer
  1. Knowledge of Family Law
  2. Knowledge of Procedural Issues
  3. Lowering The High Stakes
  4. Impartial View
  5. Emotional Support

3.Estate Planning Lawyers

  • Estate Planning Lawyers is one type of Attorney who deals with the real and/or personal property a person possesses at death. The estate planning lawyer the drafting of living wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other documents to facilitate the transfer and management of the property after death.
  • This Estate Planning lawyer deals with
  • Family Law
  • Elder Law
  • Real Estate

Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury Lawyers is one type of Attorney.who deals with people's Legal services to those injured, physically or psychologically, as a result of the negligence of another person, company, government agency, or any entity.
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