Learn how to create a Gmail email

 Learn how to create a Gmail email

Next, you are going to learn how to open an email account in Gmail. You will see that it is very simple! To do so, you just have to start by following these steps ...

Step 1:

Open the browser you normally use. www.gmail.com open in the address bar

Step 2:

Once the main page of Gmail opens, click on the Create an account option, located below the login box. A new page will open immediately with the form that you must fill out to register in Gmail.

Step 3:

Write your full Name in the blank spaces and remember that to write the information they ask for, you must click on them.

Step 4:

Write the name that you want to give to your email account, in the Username field. For example mymail@gmail.com, myopportunity@gmail.com, etc. Also, you can write your own name to be easily identified by your contacts.

The name you chose may have already been chosen by someone else; in that case, it will be necessary to write a different and original one. If you wish, you can choose one of the suggestions that Gmail offers you, since there cannot be more than one person using the same username.

Step 5:

How to fill out the Gmail form

The following steps are related to the security of your account, follow the step by step that we will give you to finish filling out your registration form.

Step 6:

In the Password field, type a word that works as your secret key and retype it in the Confirm your password space.

Keep in mind that your password should be easy to remember, but not to be deduced by other people. For this, you can use a combination of numbers, periods or hyphens.

Step 8:

Then write your date of birth and gender in the corresponding spaces.

Step 9:

Enter an alternate email (if you already have one). If not, enter your mobile phone number, so that Gmail will send you the information in case you have forgotten your password or cannot access your email account.

Learn how to create a Gmail email

You will see a captcha, which is a system that recognizes and differentiates between a human and a Robot or machine. In the "Write the text " field, type the numbers that they show you, exactly. If you can't identify what you see, click the refresh button as many times as you want to try a different image. Another option for captcha is to listen to what you see.

Step 10:

In the Location box, specify your country of residence.

Step 11:

Then, click to accept Google's privacy and service policies.

To finalize your form, accept Google's Terms of Service and Privacy, and click Next step.

How to create a profile in Gmail

Once you have completed your registration form, you will need to detail your account: include your profile photo, add contacts and of course, you will have a guided tour of how your new email account works.

Step 1:

A box will appear on your screen indicating that you must include your profile photo.

Step 2:

Look for an image or a photo that you have saved on your computer and when you find it, click the Open button. Then click the Next Step button.

A welcome message will appear and it will be sent to your inbox. Click the Next button to start your Gmail tour.

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